Supergirl vs Evil Superheroine Cosplay


It was a bad day for Supergirl to face the greatest supervillain of her lifetime.

The video starts with Supergirl enters into a room and searching for something on the bed.

She finds a handcuff hidden at the side of the bed and decides to search for more clues.

Supergirl finds something hidden under the pillow and decides to pull it out.

The item that she pulls out under the pillow is a green orb which causes her to lose her power and feel weak.

The evil superheroine appears from behind and restrains Supergirl from moving.

She takes out a rope and pulls Supergirl’s hands to the back to hogtie her.

Supergirl fainted during the process and wakes up to find her been undressed.

The body was tied with ropes to prevent her from moving.

The evil villain removes her mask and takes out a whip to start her femdom torture on Supergirl.

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