Khloe Kapri Gets Seduced By Her Dad’s Friend


It’s a normal day at home and the dad’s come home early with a guest that turns Khole on.

The video starts with the sexy blonde Khole in a pink top and white panty sitting on the bed listening to the music on the phone.

She tries to put on nail polish when she heard her dad’s voice talking to someone and get curious.

Khloe goes out to the room to see who is the guest from the second floor and gets seduced by the guest’s looks.

She accidentally drops her phone and the guest saw her sexy attire while the dad scolds her to get change.

Khole went back to the bedroom and remove her panty before deciding to put on a black dress.

The guest tells the dad to leave him alone for some time to read the files.

Khloe goes to the living room and stands in front of the guest, it was not long before she gets dominated by him.

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